About Me

Hi my names Tommie I’m a qualified and registered Farrier I pride myself on punctuality and professionalism, I am located in the forever expanding town of Rugby  which can be found in the county of Warwickshire on the boarders of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.
I first recognised this might be the career path for me when I was a boy watching my mother’s Farrier shoe her horse and from that day I was immediately hooked as it was a very unique trade and was unlike anything I had seen before!
Up on leaving school in 2009 I enrolled myself on to a pre Farrier course at Morton Morel College where I gained the relevant qualifications to enable me to start on the Farrier apprenticeship, which I did. My apprenticeship led me down an alternative path to my original class mates however this  has been a key benefit to my training enabling me to learn different techniques, styles and methods to put into practice on a far wider range of working horses and disciplines, all of this has made me into a far more well rounded Farrier today. In the 7 years I have been practicing Farriery I’ve worked on shires to Shetlands and all in between. 
 I began my apprenticeship in Kenilworth with a Farrier and now friend Mr. Gary Oliver DipWCF which is where I ended but two other massive influences on my training and journey on becoming a Farrier were Mr. Steven Beane DipWCF, AWCF (Northallerton, North Yorkshire)
 Mr. Luke Silcock DipWCF, AWCF(Newbury, Berkshire)
Mid 2017 I moved back to Rugby and Rugby Farrier was born.

Aims and Service

My aim as a Farrier is to facilitate and help the equine in its needs and requirements via the manipulation of the hoof capsule whilst keeping the welfare of the horse at the highest of importance. I will keep up with modern techniques and studies to give me a more informed and up to date view of the equines needs.  In a nutshell what brings me the most satisfaction is improving the horse’s foot function, and leaving the horse in a better position than before I started working on it.  

  • My aim is to provide a professional and reliable service for all of my clients and their horses at a precise time arranged.

  • Keep my clients informed of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it in regards to shoe practices.

  • Keep up to date with modern techniques and shoeing methods

  • Work alongside veterinarians to get the right outcome for the equine.

  • Put the welfare of the horse first and provide support and guidance for my clients
    Reliable attendance at your premises, at the precise time arranged with you.

  • Regular trimming or shoeing, at intervals that suit your needs.

  • Specialist remedial farriery.

  • Cater for the needs of large, professional or pleasure yards efficiently.

  • Single horses and private owners.